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Staycation in Palm Springs, CA

 [ sponsored by Vrbo ] 122F/50C degree weather in the desert?? We booked this beautiful home many weeks ago through and had no idea it was going to get that hot! Thankfully it turned out great for us because we spent most of our time either inside our nicely cooled rental house or in the pool where it was perfectly […]

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Supplements To Help Boost Your Immune System

Allen and I decided this year we would start adding daily supplements to our diet to boost our immune system because we recently went through a round of passing on the cold to each other and want to desperately avoid that again if possible! Allen and I have been trying to eat better (lo-carbs, no-sugar), […]

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Road Trip to Mammoth Lakes, California

A couple weeks ago, our family went on a quick road trip & getaway with our dear friends and their twin boys to Mammoth Lakes, California, which is about 4-5 hours away from our homes. We had been planning to do this for a while and had booked a rental house so we could get […]

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A Marriage Story: Our Version

This year for Valentine’s Day, Allen and I decided we wanted to share about the darkest time in our marriage. “WHY?? IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY!!” Yup, that’s exactly why. There’s so much emphasis on finding the perfect gift, on incredible romantic gestures, sex, and hearts. LOTS OF HEARTS. We wanted to open up about our relationship […]

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Where to Take Your Kids to See Holiday Lights in L.A.

L.A may not be the first city that pops into your head when you think of holiday destinations. BUT, even with our palm trees, beaches, warmer weather, and the absence of snow flurries, there are actually plenty of holiday activities, places, and events in and around L.A. that will get you and your kids in […]

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My name is Laura Izumikawa. Or Laura Iz. Or Izzy or Larz. Infinity points to whoever can pronounce my last name correctly the first time! I was born in Tokyo to a Korean mother and a Chinese-Japanese father.

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