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3 November 2016 / 35 Comments

It’s been a while since I took an interview and today a journalist asked me a round of questions, the same kind of questions I was asked just a few months ago when we first became “viral.” Even though I’ve answered the same questions over and over again, I don’t think I’ll ever be fully prepared to answer questions like, “How will Joey react when she sees all of this as a teenager?” or “What message do you want to tell the parents of the world?”  I mean, how do you really answer that? For me, I’m still trying to figure out how to time Joey for feedings and what to dress her up in when it’s cold out, let alone figure out a definitive message to “TELL THE WORLD.” It’s definitely been difficult at times processing all of the attention whilst in the middle of transitioning into motherhood. Joey was only 4 months old when our photos became viral and I had barely any time to sit down and realize what really happened to us. But when I reflect back I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to connect with so many people. The daily DMs and emails I receive from our loving fans (so weird to say we have “fans”) have been like precious gems to me. I feel so honored to be in a place where I can somehow bless strangers (new friends!) from all parts of the world. Hearing personal stories of how our silly photos and videos have touched their lives will never ever get old for us. I’m in no way some kind of “baby-whisperer” like I’ve heard some people mistakenly label me as but I’d like to be someone who is available and open to share my experiences with motherhood.

I’m still very knew at the blogging thing but I have a lot of cool posts coming up so stay tuned. Here are some photos of Joey this afternoon after her nap. Her expressions these days kill me!

img_6601img_6621img_6589img_6610img_6629collage1img_6673img_6672collage2img_6734img_6707 img_6748 img_6753 img_6755 img_6780

Onesie by Piccolini NY | Doll from Cuddle + Kind | Moses basket from RH Baby


1 November 2016 / 1 Comment

I can’t believe Halloween is already over! But I guess it doesn’t mean the end of costumes for Joey haha. At least not yet. It was so fun dressing her up as Nacho Libre this year, thanks to one of our fans @littlenuggetrepublic who contacted me a while back and offered to make Joey a costume! Becci is seriously so talented. Please go check her out!

Treat or Treating was so fun. We started pretty early because Joey’s bedtime is around 7:30. We managed to get a handful of candy before we called it a night. Joey was clearly not understanding what was going on but it was fun using her to score free candy. I mean, that’s the point right parents?? Here’s some highlights of our little trick-or-treating trip with our friend Sunny and her adorable daughter Emma (dressed as a kangaroo with a joey!).

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Joey Marie!

8 October 2016 / 19 Comments

Throw the confetti and bring me some cake cuz the blog is finally live! YESSSSS. A very special thanks goes out to Madeleine over at The Daily Mark for setting this up for me. You are amazing Madeleine and congratulations on your babyyyy!

I’ve never really been the blogger-type but as I’ve been receiving so much mail from our fans, it’s been motivating me to get this going so I can connect with everyone. The blog will act as a journal with updates of what our family is up to as well as a place I can post about things I love and are inspired by. It’s been difficult keeping up with all of the fan mail everyday and replying back so I’ll be also using this blog to cover questions and topics that come up frequently.

So with that, here’s the first post! Like almost all mothers in America, I wanted to take Joey to a pumpkin patch this fall. Seriously though, what is it with mothers and pumpkin patches? UH EVERYTHING. After watching Joey get so excited about touching hay and feeling the different pumpkins around, I want to do this everyday! Man, I love October. I posted about the Miamily hipster carrier on Instagram the other day and I have to say, I love it. There was some concern about it being ergonomically safe and it totally is safe! It comes with a hip seat that supports the hips so that the legs aren’t just dangling. My favorite part about it is taking the top part off so that Joey can literally just sit on it like a chair and just explore her surroundings. We’ll most likely take it with us while trick-or-treating this year!

Joey’s Halloween costume is pretty much set but Allen and I still have to figure out ours! Stay tuned for pictures!

img_6014img_6019img_6018 img_6021img_6145 mrbones1 mrbones2 mrbones3 mrbones4img_6237mrbones5 mrbones6

Location: Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch | Baby Carrier: Miamily Hipster Plus 3D Carrier | My hat: Wallaroo Hats | Joey’s bonnet: Petite Soul | Joey’s dress: H&M | Joey’s moccasins: Freshly Picked | My denim jacket: Forever 21 | My romper: Urban Outfitters | Booties: Madewell | Joey’s age: 6 months, 4 days