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A New Tradition with Dr. Seuss – Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

[Sponsored by Dr. Seuss Enterprises] Ever since I can remember, I have loved Dr. Seuss books.  The quirky humor, the colorful images, the life lessons, they’re some of my all-time favorite books. I’ve also loved gifting Dr. Seuss books for baby showers, birthday parties, and special occasions and I’ve read pretty much all his books […]

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Choiz Home Search

Choiz Home (Choi’s Home) is what we’ve been calling our home for years. Choi is Allen’s last name in case you’re wondering where that came from. If you look on Instagram and look up #choizhome, you’ll see posts from all the different homes that we’ve lived in since Allen and I have been married. We’ve […]

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Casey’s 100th Day Celebration

Allen and I cannot believe that Casey is already over 100 days old. Many of you have asked what the significance of celebrating 100 days is. It comes from a Korean tradition when back in the day in Korea, many babies did not live past the 100 day mark because of extreme poor living conditions. […]

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Joey’s Room + Bookcase Giveaway

I’m excited to share with you all Joey’s new room makeover (and also give away a brand new bookcase!). Allen and I decided it was best to give her a new look after Casey joined our family, to make Joey feel like she was entering a new chapter in her life: a big sister, a […]

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My Breast Pump Review: Medela, Willow & Unimom

One of the questions I get asked the most is what breast pump do I use? The first breast pump I used when Joey was a baby was a hand-me-down and while it worked well for me, seeing how there are so many more options now for pumping moms, I decided to venture out a […]

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Hello! My name is Laura Izumikawa. Or Laura Iz. Or Izzy or Larz. Infinity points to whoever can pronounce my last name correctly the first time! I was born in Tokyo to a Korean mother and a Chinese-Japanese father. I'm married to Allen and have two daughters: Joey and Casey. We live in the Los Angeles area in California.

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