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Our AMEX Cash Magnet Card & Why We Love It

30 August 2018

This post is sponsored by American Express. Thank you so much for supporting the brands our family truly enjoys!

Allen and I have been talking with a financial planner and he suggested that we find a credit card with great rewards to suit our needs best. And I was looking for a new credit card that had the absolute best Cash Back benefits for our upcoming summer adventures!  My favorite thing about the American Express Cash Magnet Card is the simplicity of the program! With my Cash Magnet Card, we get 1.5% Cash Back on our purchases. Let’s just say I can’t get enough of this Card!

Apply for Card Membership here:

Another feature I was swooning over is that the Card offers Pay It Plan It, a feature from American Express that gives you more control over how you pay for the things you buy. This was super helpful for us when we planned our summer, and as we look forward into the next chapter of our (always) busy lives.

Thanks to simple Cash Back benefits and the Pay It Plan It feature, I definitely recommend the American Express Cash Magnet Card for anyone looking for a no-fuss Card that integrates easily into your life. It lets us focus on what’s important – like farmers markets and fun!

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