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Fabric Play with Joey

22 February 2017 / 2 Comments

If you’ve seen the videos of Joey on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll know that Joey is such a curious gal these days, getting her hands on anything she can grab! And while she loves to play with her traditional toys, I thought it would be fun to get creative with some materials we had around the house. She already loves to go in the kitchen and pull down my hanging kitchen towels so I decided to go with fabric for this sensory activity.

I brought out a bunch of leftover fabric I had from her costumes for her to touch and feel. There were different textures from rough denim to soft cotton and scratchy sequin. Watching her notice the different colors, materials, and patterns on each piece of fabric was really entertaining. It was great to see her grab at the fabric, practicing her fine motor skills and strengthening her itty bitty hands. It seemed Jo loved the shiny sequin the most. 🙂

I loved how simple this sensory activity was. I forget how exciting it can be for babies to feel different textures because it’s all so new to them! This will definitely be an exercise to keep continuing with Jo!

Photos by: Sunny Kim 

Joey’s play suit by Rags to Raches:

Play mat by Cream Haus USA


2 responses to “Fabric Play with Joey”

  1. Ana says:

    This is just so sweet! Such a good idea. I’m no where near ready to be a mom yet but I remember my granny always telling me that you have to give babies lots of stimulation… lots of colors and activities! Will store this in my brain for the future!

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