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Jo’s Favorite TV Shows & Films at Age 2

29 August 2018

Because Allen and I love watching TV and film, it’s only natural Joey would probably enjoy it a lot. We kept her away from it all for as long as we could and to this day only show her favorite shows and TV for about 20 minutes max. We try to stick to shows and films that are about nature (i.e. BBC’s Planet Earth), musical shows for kids and cartoons mostly about animals or girls who are not the typical “princess.”

Since so many of you have asked what we play for Joey, here’s a list of Joey’s favorite shows and films at age 2 (in no particular order because it depends on her mood!):

  1. Rock Dog – A film about a Tibetan dog who leaves his home in the mountains to pursue his dream of becoming a musician. Joey really liked the music in the film and I’ll sometimes turn on the soundtrack in the car to calm her down. The story is super cute and the cat character is HILARIOUS. (Watch it on HBO)
  2. Moana – Joey’s not really into this film anymore but was completely obsessed for months after we showed it to her. Love the strong female lead character played by Moana in this film! (Available on Netflix)
  3. Frozen/Frozen Fever/Olaf’s Frozen Adventure: Can’t tell you how many times these films have entertained us so. Joey goes bonkers when any of these films are playing. Disney definitely knows what they’re doing! (Available on iTunes)
  4. Ferdinand – Her current favorite movie to watch. After watching this, she keeps smelling flowers every where she goes! It is based off of the children’s book, The Story of Ferdinand about a bull who dreams of smelling flowers while the other bulls dream of competing in a bullfight. (Available on iTunes)
  5. Hi-Five House – Joey’s absolute favorite dancing kids show. (Watch it on Netflix) It’s a group of Australians who like to sing and dance to different colorful skits. Beware, the songs are very very catchy. ūüėČ
  6. The Electric Company (the recent seasons) – One of the first TV shows that we played for Joey. It’s like Sesame Street but with an urban flair. Lin-Manuel Miranda makes appearances on the episodes too! (Watch it on HBO)
  7. Bolt – Of course Joey would love this film cuz it has dogs, cats and a hamster in it! (Watch it on Netflix)
  8. Coco – I thought for some reason the imagery of skeletons would scare Joey, but it didn’t! She absolutely loves all of the songs and is her go-to soundtrack in the car. (Watch it on Netflix) I bawled watching this film with her. It’s so good!
  9. Nella the Princess Knight – About a princess who is also a brave knight. (Episodes available on iTunes) Sometimes when Joey is scared, I remind her of Nella and how brave she is and Joey suddenly feels better! It’s so crazy how referencing these shows actually work for kids!
  10. Planet Earth I & II– Joey will watch these episodes so intensely! (Watch it on Netflix)

On YouTube Kids, Joey likes to watch live performed shows and parades from Disneyland and videos of Kinder egg surprises. The latter is the strangest thing. Literally videos of someone opening Kinder eggs with toys inside.

Are there any shows or films your toddler loves to watch?

Joeyland: Joey turns 2!

6 June 2018

I am still in utter shock that Joey is TWO!¬† I remember the day we found out I was pregnant, the day we brought her home, the day she took her first steps…I remember it all like it was yesterday.¬† This year I was entirely too busy to host a big party myself so I reached out to my dear friend Easter (who is actually a fine jewelry designer) from¬†Easter Ahn Design to help plan a party for our very own Mousketeer. We had the amazing photographer, Jeffery Cho take priceless photographs of the day.

This party was inspired from Joey’s love of Disneyland.¬† Growing up I went to Disneyland with my family and absolutely fell in love with the thrill of it all.¬† I knew when I had kids I wanted them to experience the same joy I felt when visiting the park…and Joey absolutely loves visiting! ¬†As Walt once said “If you can dream it you can do it”; so we did it!¬† We created our very own Joeyland!

Location:¬†We transformed the new E2Beauty lounge into Joeyland.¬† It was the perfect venue for our party. They just opened their new salon location in Orange County. If you’re ever looking for hair or makeup for an event, go with them! They did my hair and make up for almost every big event in my life including my wedding.

Photobooth:¬†Our friends at Third Eye Photobooth graciously came out and snapped photos for us for the day!¬† If you’ve never been to a party with them you are seriously missing out!

Party Favors:¬†If you remember seeing my Instagram stories from Joey’s birthday I am a realistic gift giver.¬† I wanted to give each child something they would actually use so we got for all the kids custom name shirts from¬†Jean and June.¬† It was so fun seeing how excited each kid was when they got their own shirts to match Joey. Jean and June have the most softest organic tees so go check them out!

Ice cream:¬†I used to live next to a Scoops ice cream in LA and when I moved I was incredibly sad because they had my favorite flavors. ¬†When I realized they opened up one in Orange County (Scoops OC), right next door to the party venue, I was absolutely thrilled. ¬†It was a no brainer that we had to try them out and I don’t regret it for a minute.¬† Joey may have ate a bit too much gelato that day but who’s really counting? I asked them to create a special flavor for us, inspired by Disneyland’s Pineapple Dole Whip, and they created the most delicious Pineapple Coconut ice cream! Their Brown Bread flavor is one of their signatures. You need to try it if you’re ever in SoCal!

Florist:¬†As usual I cannot throw a party without my friend Hanna at Echo Floral. ¬†She helped put so many small, feminine touches on the party. She took the colors Easter used for the party and created the most perfect floral arrangements. I can just imagine these being planted at the Disneyland parks. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Food: If you follow me you know I have a real love for Wholefoods!  So naturally, I had to have them make some delicious food and treats for the party.  We opted for beautiful simple cakes and pastries for dessert.  These cakes were seriously some of the most delicious, mouthwatering cakes I have ever had! One of the great things about all Whole Foods catering is that they never use artificial coloring or ingredients! Joey loved poking her fingers in the cake haha!

Cookies:¬†Joeyland could not have been complete without cookies!¬† Sweetleemade & Sweets by Keeks took my cookie dreams and ran with it!¬† Have you ever seen a cuter cookie? I haven’t! I don’t know anyone else who makes the best custom made desserts like these two. If you’re looking for cakes, cookies, macarons, or whatever desserts for your event, ask them! Thank you ladies!

We also put together a cookie decorating station for each guest to put their Disney imagination to work!  Let me tell you we had some amazing decorators in the house that day! I think Joey ate most of the sprinkles though.

Graphic Design: When Easter and I first started brainstorming for this party we wanted to give the guests a true Joeyland experience.  We teamed up with Kim Estoesta to create custom signs for each station, menus, props and placemats. When I first walked into the party these signs took my breath away!  It was like I was really in a whole new world (see what I did there?).

Balloon art and cotton candy:¬†What is Joeyland without balloons and cotton candy?¬† Well, it’s not Joeyland.¬† Her Balloon Art took Joeyland to the next level with the most amazing balloon art and custom cotton candy! I wish you could all taste her cotton candy because you’d never want anything else!

I wish so badly I could have invited each and every one of you to Joeyland!¬† It truly was the most magical place on Earth.¬† But until Allen let’s me open Joeyland up for good I will just have to share my memories of the day with you.

Custom built booths and backdrops: Easter wanted to have booths like how it would look like at Disneyland so she asked Iron Grace Rentals to custom build these amazing pieces for us. I was absolutely shocked. They came in to install, breakdown, and take everything with them at the end of the party as well. Wow.

All printed goods: Everything including the popcorn containers, signs and posters, menu maps and the incredible photo booth backdrop were all printed by Avant Print Media.


Party plates, napkins and cups: Geese and Ganders


Event planner: Easter Ahn Design

Photos: Jeffery Cho Photography

Venue: e2beauty

Graphic design: Kim Eillo

Backdrops: Iron Grace Rentals

Custom shirts: Jean & June

Food/desserts: Whole Foods Market

Ice cream: Scoops OC

Flowers: Echo Floral

Cookies: Sweetlee Made

Balloons and cotton candy: Her Balloon Art

Photo booth: Third Eye Photo Booth

Printing: Avant Print Media

Party supplies: Geese & Ganders

Rentals: On Call Events

Playdate Project: Olive Crest

1 March 2018 / 1 Comment

I’m so excited to finally share with you details from our recent Playdate Project! Thanks to our generous donors and friends, we were able to launch our first ever Playdate Project last year right before the winter holidays.¬†

The idea behind the Playdate Project came from me wanting to host a fun playdate event for families to come and enjoy themselves and relax at the same time giving back to a local organization, in this case we wanted to highlight Olive Crest an non-profit org that is dedicated to preventing child abuse, to treating and educating at-risk children, and to preserving the family. I first heard about them from a friend who said they were in process of adopting a child through Olive Crest. As I learned more about them, I found out that they have served our 100,000 at-risk children and families and serves over 1000 in Orange County, CA alone. Because they are run through the support of community donors and volunteers, we decided to dedicate this first Playdate Project to Olive Crest and give 100% of all Playdate Project ticket sales towards them. We held it at FLDWRK in Fullerton, CA on December 17, 2017.

Our friend Kyle from Olive Crest came to receive all the donated toys that our guests generously donated as well and also answer any questions about Olive Crest. If you are interested in learning more about donating towards Olive Crest or even foster/adopt through them, go to their website at

My sweet and talented friends Amy of White Blossom Events & Hanna of Echo Floral helped me coordinate this event and without them, this wouldn’t have happened! Thank you!!

Juice Box Media came and documented everything on video. Watch what they put together below!

Happily Ever Etched made beautiful laser-cut signs for us including this amazing Playdate Project sign!

Amy and Hanna set up this awesome nursing and diaper changing room!

Gathre Mats donated these fun AJJ play mats. If you’re ever looking mats that will protect your floors from feeding your baby or doing messy crafts or even for picnicking, check them out. We love their mats! Haba USA also donated to the kids play area some wooden toys.

Our favorite Nugget Comfort donated a couple sets of their foam couches and they were a big hit with the kids!

Wild Child Party came and put together this incredible balloon installation. I will never know how they put all those balloons together like that.

What’s a party without a fun photo booth right? Third Eye Photo booth came and set up a really fun station for all of us.

Miss DJ Bliss was there to set the mood with some awesome beats.

Can you believe this? There’s a nail salon on wheels! It was so fun having the Nail Truck. They generously donated to give any willing kid manicures so of course Joey got one.

Art Camp LA came and set up a really fun arts & crafts table. Because it was near the winter holidays, the craft project was creating holiday wreaths! They have these really fun craft boxes that are filled with art project material so you can make crafts at home without having to go buy everything. Go check them out!

Speaking of wreaths, ReKindle Creative came and set up a wreath making station. They provided all the greens, ribbons, and hardware to make some beautiful wreaths. It was so fun seeing almost everyone walk home with at least one handmade wreath!

Sweetleemade Desserts brought a whole gorgeous cookie making station and that kept most of the kids busy. They also made the cutest unicorn cake pops that went into our VIP bags. If you’re in Southern California and are looking for a custom made cake or any type of desserts really for a party, wedding, whatever, do yourself a favor and book Sweetleemade!

Chasing Linen came and illustrated beautiful custom portraits during the entire event. They were the perfect souvenirs to take home! If you’re ever looking for live art, illustrations or custom stationery, check out Chasing Linen!

Pique Tea kept us hydrated with a tea tasting station and also handed out delicious take-home tea samples to all of our guests.

All Brothers Natural donated a bunch of dried fruit crisps for all the children and Rise Buddy also donated bags of rice chips.

Juice Plus donated yummy and healthy fruit chewable which were Joey’s favorite!

Whole Foods Market San Francisco donated adorable reusable market bags and also connected us with local brands including Alter Eco who donated chocolates and Back to the Roots who donated cereal and really cool gardening kits as raffle prizes. Peanut also part of the swag bag. If you don’t know who Peanut is, check them out. They’re a really cool app for moms that help you connect with other moms in your area based on common interests! Every mom who came also received an awesome fanny pack filled with hand sanitizers from The Honest Company. Passion Planner, Sweetlee Made, Art Camp LA, and¬†Chasing Linen¬†were also part of the VIP gift bags. Spa l√© La, a spa for parents with complimentary on-site child care gave out a gift certificate to a lucky winner. Our favorite dolls, Cuddle + Kind, who is all about giving back donated some adorable dolls for some lucky winners.

Naptime With Joey made an appearance. ūüėČ

As well as Joey + Tot!

Magic Kingdom Mamas came with their adorable kids. They run an awesome blog and Instagram that provides fun tips for families visiting Disneyland Resort in California!

My sweet Guatemalan-Korean friend Sara and her darling Sofia dropped by. Follow Sara on Instagram!

My favorite wedding blogger of all time Jen came with her beautiful family. We go way back when I used to be featured on her blog when I used to work as a wedding photographer. If you’re looking for gorgeous wedding inspiration, GO CHECK OUT HER BLOG.

Beautiful Jen Chae came with her adorable family. She is beauty/makeup guru and is expecting her 2nd baby! Find her on Instagram and YouTube!

I met Lily at a screening for Disney’s Moana a couple years ago and we’ve been friends since. She has the most beautiful family and has the best costume/makeup posts. Follow her on Instagram and on her blog!

My sweet friend Mai and her darling Zooey showed up in style. Go check out Zooey on Instagram for fashion inspiration and Mai on Instagram!

My friend Yolanda came with her insanely adorable Arielle. Check out her Instagram to see the best mommy-daughter matching outfits!

Last but not least, all of these gorgeous photos were taken by my dear friend Sunny. Do yourself a favor and check out her beautiful work at Instagram and her blog. She is one of the most kindest most generous friend I know. Thank you so much Sunny for taking the time to take these lovely photos right after Greyson was born!!

We’re forever grateful for all of the people who donated their time, money, services and goods to making this first Playdate Project happen. Thank to all of our guests who made it that day. We really hope you got to make some fun family memories as well as share in part of “giving back” to Olive Crest. Our family really feels like we did nothing in comparison to everyone’s generosity. We feel very strongly that we were given this platform to share love and also to give back to our community and so we will try our best to do more of these events. We hope The Playdate Project will happen every year for a very long time so we can continue to highlight many more organizations that are positively impacting our local communities. If you are interested in collaborating for our next Playdate Project as a donor/vendor, please email us at hello[at]! Let’s chat!

Gift Ideas

13 December 2017

Have you guys finished your holiday gift shopping? Since so many of you have been asking what our current favorite things are, I thought I’d post them here to give you some gift ideas! Most of these items are favorite things of Joey who is currently almost 20 months old. I’ve also added a couple things for parents. ūüôā


I mean, c’mon. I¬†have to throw this one in there because it’s kiiinda my book haha! No but actually I’ve been hearing they’ve been great gifts for expecting parents, grandparents, kids (they love the pictures and playing I-spy with them) and also for white elephant gift exchanges. You can buy them at most bookstores worldwide as well as through the links below:


Simon & Shuster:

Barnes & Noble:


Indie Bound:



OK, who wouldn’t want this? Joey LOVES music and singing so this was such a great thing to have especially when we went camping recently and she entertained everyone with Bruno Mars songs. Allen and I are big karaoke fans so it’s only natural that Joey inherited the same passion as well.

You can find the microphone here:




This toy was incredibly entertaining for Joey especially right after she turned one. We would take it everywhere (we still do!) on long car rides and airplane trips. These days, she been able to actually put the buckles together by color when she wasn’t able to do that. What I do from time to time is hide the toy for about a month and then bring it back so that it’s kinda like “new” to her again. I’ve watched her play with it in the car for about 20 minutes straight once! Trust me, if you’re looking for a “helpful” kid-friendly gift to give, GIVE THIS TOY.

You can find it here:


UNCLE PAULS’ PLAYDESK: (for those who live in Southern California only)

I asked our dear friend who can build all kinds of amazing wooden structures to make us a play desk for Joey. This is what we came up with! There’s a magnetic board on it as well as a little cubby hole. The great thing about this is you can add whatever you want to it. Lately Joey loves to color with crayons so we just set up her paper and crayons on this desk so she could mark it up any way she wants. You can read my other blog post about how to order one by clicking here.



Joey loves watching me put on makeup and when she started reaching for my brushes and wanting to play with my makeup, I looked up pretend makeup toys and found this. I got it for our flight to San Francisco and it entertained her for a good 30 minutes! Some of my friends said that they bought it for their toddler for trips as well and that they it was the perfect entertainment for their kids too!

You can find it here:



So many of you have asked about these flashcards that we’ve been going thru with Joey every day. We love them! What I love about these are the pictures are very simple and clear to identify. It says that it is from ages 1 and up but we started around 15 months because she was still chewing on everything. Mudpuppy who makes these cards also make other things like puzzles which Joey also loves to play with and also other types of cards.

You can find them here:



I can’t say enough how much I love our Nugget Comfort. We have a play room for Joey where she likes to play with her toys, read books and lounge around and we had been looking for something just like this Nugget Comfort. It’s not only super comfortable to sit and lay on, you can move it around as it comes in four pieces. If you go to their website, you can see all the different ways you can set it up.

You can find it here:



Joey is so interested in markers, crayons and pens but the bad thing about that is she obviously doesn’t know how to color in between lines and so it goes everywhere! She recently marked up our leather couch with a Sharpie! One of our dear fans gave us this at one of our book signings and Joey has been loving it. Best thing about it is, there is no ink involved. Only water! This was also something we brought with us on air plane rides and also when we go on playdates to someone’s house. The way it works is you fill the pen with water and you start coloring the pages and the drawings magically appear!

You can find it here:



We have several of these now because we realized Joey can sit for a pretty long time by herself just putting these puzzles together. I couldn’t believe how quickly she learned how to put it together on her own without my help. It’s pretty amazing how kids absorb so much knowledge so quickly on their own. We love gifting this to our friends who have kids because it’s not messy or hard to clean up. I think it totally beats iPad sorting games!

You can find it here:



This gift is obviously for the mamas and the papas. This is my go-to camera for all video related things. If you’ve seen the recent “Banana Talk” video on my Instagram, that was shot with this camera. I love that it auto-focuses and that it has a flip screen so that you can record in selfie-mode. This also has wi-fi tethering so that you can download the images and videos you shot right on your phone! This would make a great gift to someone who loves to take photos and videos all the time but don’t want to carry a big dSLR around all the time.

You can find it here:



If you’ve been following my posts Instagram, you’ll know that I LOVE Easter Ahn’s jewelry line. I wear my custom Joey necklace, bracelet and earrings everyday. She also designed our wedding rings. I’m obviously a big fan of her work. Her pieces make the perfect gifts for your loved ones because they’re high quality real gold (comes in White, Yellow and Rose), they’ll last forever and you can personalize them with a name or initial(s)! Easter also does custom designs for all types of jewelry and can create gorgeous engagement/wedding rings.

Go check out her shop at


Our YouTube Channel is now LIVE!

6 June 2017

We now have a YouTube Channel! Now you see follow more of our family’s journey through weekly vlogs. If there’s anything you’d like to see us vlog about, let us know in the comments below! We’re kicking it off with Joey’s First Birthday Cake Smash and Doljabi.¬†If you haven’t already and wanted to check it out, Joey’s First Birthday party blog post is up! Traditionally in Korean culture, the first birthday is a big celebration because before¬†access to medical care was readily available in Korea many many years ago, it was a big deal for a baby to live past his or her first birthday. Hence the big celebration. Since Joey is mostly Korean, we decided to keep this part of her heritage included in her birthday party. We set up a doljabi which is¬†a Korean tradition where the birthday child is placed in front of various objects that represents a certain future with respect to career or lifestyle. Typically the items represent¬†things like Doctor, Lawyer, Scholar,¬†Entrepreneur, Judge, Athlete or Performing Artist. We decided to pick unique occupations that were sort of inside jokes to me and Allen. Obviously this game is just a tradition and isn‚Äôt what Joey will end up becoming but we decided to keep the tradition but change it up a bit just to make it fun. We had a planet toy to represent Astronaut, an In-N-Out hat to represent the In-N-Out District Manager, grapes to represent Sommelier, dining utensils to represent Michelin Star Food Critic and an American flag to represent POTUS. She ended up picking the grapes first and then continued to pick up every one of the other items so I guess she’ll tackle all of those jobs?? ūüėČ Her cake smash wasn’t so much of a smash as it was a gentle massage of the dessert. She was so tired and out of it by that point of the party but she was such a trooper and stuck her hands in there and soaked in the moment. So fun to see her first bite of sugar! Thank you Uncle Paul for this video footage!

Great News from Alaska Airlines!

12 May 2017

Allen and I have flown on Alaska Airlines quite a bit in the past because we live on the west coat and travel quite often up north and since we’ve only had good experiences on their flights, we decided book our flights with them when we took Joey on her first airplane ride when she was around 6 months old to Portland. We were really nervous about how she would do on the plane as any first time parent would. We had heard that it was best to take babies on plane trips from age 4 months to 6 months because they would most likely just sleep through the plane ride but the only time Allen got off work was when she was 6 months old so we decided to try it out. Turns out she’s born to fly! Alaska was so great about accommodating us with getting us on the plane first to unload and get ready. I nursed Joey during take off so that her ears wouldn’t pop with the altitude change and then she slept pretty much the whole way to Portland from Los Angeles. We were so happy! The plane ride back home was exactly the same way. We’ll never forget how sweet everyone was on Alaska Airlines and how quickly they offered to help us with our carry on luggage and didn’t make us feel like we had to rush.

So when Alaska Airlines contacted me to see if I would help them share about their new Elite Leave program for new parents and also dress Joey up as an Alaska Airlines pilot,¬†I was more than happy to! Their Elite Leave lets new parents keep their elite status Mileage¬†Plan‚ĄĘ benefits earned for another year. If you’re a new parent who’s a frequent flyer with Alaska Airlines, you can extend your status through the end of 2018 while you’re on parental leave!¬†The idea first took hold when a frequent flyer reached out to Alaska because she‚Äôd just had a baby and was upset about potentially losing her MVP status. When the request made its way to Alaska‚Äôs leaders, they decided to implement this parental¬†leave program. How awesome is that?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Email your full name, date of birth, Mileage Plan number and proof of leave to
  2. Once eligibility is verified, you’ll be registered for Elite Leave for new parents.

Here’s some video of her first plane ride!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Alaska Airlines. The opinions and text are all mine.


Joey Iz One!

5 May 2017 / 11 Comments

Joey’s First Birthday photos are here thanks to our friend and photographer Megan Welker.

Check out her beautiful photography at

We are so overwhelmed at how amazing Joey’s first birthday party turned out. It wouldn’t have been possible¬†if it weren’t for these amazing friends & vendors who generously contributed to this party out of just love for Joey. Wow,¬†we thank you from the bottom of our hearts (and our bellies!).

Rekindle Creative Co. | Megan Welker | Wayfare | E2Beauty | Sarah Soh | Merely Sweets | En Route Coffee Co. | Popd Up+ | Amaze Bowls | Create A Party Rentals | Outsource It | Letterstou | Tattly | Wild Child Party | Shop Little Wanderer | Anewall | Harlow Jade | Sweet Lily Chocolates

A SPECIAL shoutout to Rekindle Creative Co. and Julia who runs the incredible team. They were were responsible for putting together every single detail including florals, decor, planning & coordinating. You ladies ROCK! Check out more of their work at

Another BIG UPS to Wayfare for hosting this party at their beautiful coworking space. This venue was just perfect! Thank you guys!

In Korean culture, the first birthday of a child is celebrated in a big way because long ago before medicine wasreadily accessible, many babies didn’t make it past their first year due to diseases. So when a baby turned one, it was a joyous occasion. The tradition stuck and so the first birthday (aka Doljanchi) is celebrated in this big way. There’s no way I can do this every year haha!

Custom Wood Sign by Letterstou: Shop here.

Custom made pretzels and wooden toys by Sweet Lily Chocolates. Shop here.

Wooden Joey Head Lasercut Magnets designed by Sarah Soh. You can buy her adorable pins here.

Custom Temporary Tattoos by Tattly. Get your custom Tattly ink here.| Designed by Sarah Soh

Doljabi is a Korean tradition where the birthday child is placed in front of various objects that represents a certain future with respect to career or lifestyle. Typically the items represent¬†things like Doctor, Lawyer, Scholar,¬†Entrepreneur, Judge, Athlete or Performing Artist. We decided to pick unique occupations that were sort of inside jokes to me and Allen. Obviously this game is just a tradition and isn’t what Joey will end up becoming but we decided to keep the tradition but change it up a bit to make it fun. We had a planet toy to represent Astronaut, an In-N-Out hat to represent the In-N-Out District Manager, grapes to represent Sommelier, dining utensils to represent Michelin Star Food Critic and an American flag to represent POTUS.

Any guesses on what she picked?

Guests were given raffle tickets to place into the bucket of their choice. Joey picked the winning ticket and the winner received my favorite tote bag made by my friend Eunie. You can buy it here. Scroll down to see which item Joey picked!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked in and saw this. The backdrop was designed by Rekindle Creative Co. and built by Outsource It. Outsource It can design, built and install incredible woodwork. Check out their Instagram for more of their work¬†here.

The venue came with tables which we used so we just rented white folding chairs from Create-A-Party Rentals. We decided to buy the table linens because they ended up being cheaper than renting them. I¬†love throwing parties so I figured why not just buy them?¬†Here’s the link to where I bought them.

We had a kid station with a color-in-playhouse which we also had at our wedding. Julia included some Minted artwork on the wall and a baby ball pit by Scandiborn. She also created a photo booth wall with a beautiful cactus wallpaper by Anewall. Click here to see more gorgeous wallpaper.

Balloon installation was done by Wild Child Party. How awesome is that?? If it were me, I would be popping them every minute putting it together and then I would give up. Luckily there’s talented people like Wild Child Party who can do it so perfectly. Check out more of their balloon installations here.

Okay so can we talk about this incredible front table for a minute?

Desserts were made by¬†Merely Sweets who also made my wedding cake. These cakes were the same as the one at my wedding which is the Merry Berry Cake, my FAVORITE at Merely Sweets. They make everything from cakes to french macarons to cupcakes and even cake pops. If you’re in the Brea area, check their brick & mortar out here. You have to try their banana pudding! ¬†Here’s some more delicious eye candy for you.

Aren’t these cupcakes so beautiful?

All the beautiful florals were designed by Rekindle Creative Co.

Gorgeous teepee tent by Shop Little Wanderer | Custom made laser cut wooden pieces by Letterstou | Sheep hanging mobile by Hello Birdie Birdie

Joey is wearing¬†Blondes In Bows¬†and Harlow Jade. My dress is from¬†Stitch & Feather. My hair & makeup was done by my beautiful¬†friend Genie from E2Beauty. Allen’s shirt is from Asos¬†and pants are from¬†Zara. This wallpaper behind us is from Anewall.

In lieu of gifts, we asked for gift donations to the children of Olive Crest, a foster care and adoption agency based in the West Coast area. They are dedicated to preventing child abuse, treating and educating at-risk children and preserving the family. They are able to continue their work through donations and so this was the least we could do to show our support. California has the highest number of children in the foster care system in this country. Everyone can help and support even if you can’t foster or adopt a child. To learn more about how you can help, visit


Rekindle Design had these beautiful custom logo signs made for our vendors.

Every party needs a little caffeine don’t you think? Especially if you’re a parent! We had En Route Coffee Co.¬†come with their beautiful mobile coffee cart to serve us gourmet coffee all day. To book them for your event, visit their website at¬†or their Instagram. Thank you Eric & Hanna!

PopdUp+ served their delicious and unique seasonal iced drinks: Strawberry Shiso, Hibiscus Agave, Thyme Orange and Gooseberry Marigold. It was such a hot day so it was such a treat to have PopdUp+ there. We first found out about them at the LA Smorgasburg and fell in love with their drinks. You can find them there every Sunday at 10:30 AM Р6:00 PM. Go check them out!

Amazing right?? Amaze Bowls came and served us their beautiful¬†and¬†delicious acai bowls as an alternative healthy dessert option. I couldn’t stop staring at how beautiful the coconut bowls were. If you’re looking for them to cater your event, visit their page here. You can also find them at the LA Smorgasburg every Sunday.

Of course, we had to have In-N-Out. We only eat it like every other week.

We had the most amazing balloon artist and face painter for the kids attending. I’ve never seen anyone make balloon art as well as David makes them! If you want to book them, contact David Laura at eliteentco123[at]

Cake smash with Merely Sweet‘s Merry Berry Cake (aka our wedding cake)

Joey’s Korean traditional dress (hanbok) is from Seoulful Kids.

Looks like sommelier wins!

Maybe POTUS too?

We want to say thank you so much to all of our friends and family who have loved on our family, especially this past year, during Joey’s first year. It’s been such a rollercoaster of a year and we’re so thankful that we have such a supportive community. It really does take a village! Thank you also to our amazing vendors who generously donated your services to make this party happen. We don’t know how to thank you enough.

What a year it’s been. We blinked and then Joey turned 1. Allen and I are so humbled and truly grateful to be first-time parents and we thank God for every moment we have with each other, especially with Joey. Our words can’t even express just how much we love Joey and we pray that with all the love that she’s received, Joey will grow to extend that love forward and be even more generous, kind and gracious than those who have been for her and our family.

Fabric Play with Joey

22 February 2017 / 2 Comments

If you’ve seen the videos of Joey on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll know that Joey is such a curious gal these days, getting her hands on anything she can grab! And while she loves to play with her traditional toys, I thought it would be fun to get creative with some materials we had around the house. She already loves to go in the kitchen and pull down my hanging kitchen towels so I decided to go with fabric for this sensory activity.

I brought out a bunch of leftover fabric I had from her costumes for her to touch and feel. There were different textures from rough denim to soft cotton and scratchy sequin. Watching her notice the different colors, materials, and patterns on each piece of fabric was really entertaining. It was great to see her grab at the fabric, practicing her fine motor skills and strengthening her itty bitty hands. It seemed Jo loved the shiny sequin the most. ūüôā

I loved how simple this sensory activity was. I forget how exciting it can be for babies to feel different textures because it’s all so new to them! This will definitely be an exercise to keep continuing with Jo!

Photos by: Sunny Kim 

Joey’s play suit by Rags to Raches:¬†

Play mat by Cream Haus USA


Joey Eats Spinach

8 February 2017 / 4 Comments

Joey is eating more solids and purees these days and she’s been such a champ! One of her favorites lately is the spinach puree. We love that spinach is high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It’s so simple and easy to prepare!

First, I wash the spinach and place it in the steamer in a pot of boiling water and cover with a lid. Depending on the portion size, I leave it steaming for about 5-7 minutes or when the spinach is tender and still vibrant in color. Once it’s ready, I add the steamed spinach in a cup or jar (Tip: Use a tall jar to avoid splashing), and use my immersion blender to puree the greens.

I‚Äôve mentioned this before on my Instagram Stories, but the immersion blender is awesome for making purees! I know there are awesome products that both steam and puree foods all in one machine but for me, I wanted minimal cleaning and easy storage so the immersion blender worked for us. I don’t always use the blender however when I’m only making a tiny portion. After steaming, the spinach is so easy to chop up with a knife so I do that sometimes when I’m not making a larger batch to freeze.

Once the spinach is cool, it’s time to eat!

We are blessed that Joey is such a good eater and enjoys each meal time. She was all smiles and giggles eating her spinach puree! I hope this post inspires you to try new foods and flavors with your little one!

Photos by: Sunny Kim


It’s The Great Pumpkin, Joey Marie!

8 October 2016 / 20 Comments

Throw the confetti and bring me some cake cuz the blog is finally live! YESSSSS. A very special thanks goes out to Madeleine over at The Daily Mark for setting this up for me. You are amazing Madeleine and congratulations on your babyyyy!

I’ve never really been¬†the blogger-type but as I’ve been receiving so much mail from our fans, it’s been motivating me to get this going so I can connect with everyone. The blog will act as a journal with updates of what our family is up to as well¬†as a place I can post about things I love and are inspired by. It’s been difficult keeping up with all of the fan mail everyday and replying back so I’ll be also using this blog to cover questions and topics that come up frequently.

So with that, here’s the first post! Like almost all mothers in America, I wanted to take Joey to a pumpkin patch this fall. Seriously though, what is it with mothers and pumpkin patches? UH EVERYTHING. After watching Joey get so excited about touching hay and feeling the different pumpkins around, I want to do this everyday! Man, I love October. I posted about the Miamily hipster carrier on Instagram the other day and I have to say, I love it. There was¬†some concern about it being ergonomically safe and it totally is safe! It comes with a¬†hip seat that supports the hips so that the legs aren’t just dangling. My favorite part about it is taking the top part off so that Joey can literally just sit on it like a chair and just explore her surroundings. We’ll most likely take it with us while trick-or-treating this year!

Joey’s Halloween costume is pretty much set but Allen and I still have to figure out ours! Stay tuned for pictures!

img_6014img_6019img_6018 img_6021img_6145 mrbones1 mrbones2 mrbones3 mrbones4img_6237mrbones5 mrbones6

Location:¬†Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch¬†| Baby Carrier:¬†Miamily Hipster Plus 3D Carrier¬†| My hat: Wallaroo Hats¬†| Joey’s bonnet: Petite Soul¬†| Joey’s dress: H&M | Joey’s moccasins: Freshly Picked | My denim jacket: Forever 21 | My romper: Urban Outfitters | Booties: Madewell | Joey’s age: 6 months, 4 days