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Joey and Casey’s Closet Makeover

15 October 2018

If you’ve been following my recent Stories, you’ll know that I teamed up with The Container Store and Life In Jeneral for another exciting reorganization project!  If you remember they worked on my garage a few months ago and it changed our lives! The garage project was so successful that I knew I needed to keep the momentum going especially while I’m in this full nesting mode.

This time we decided to do Casey and Joey’s closets. Here are some photos of what Joey’s room looked like before the re-org.

We didn’t have a system to categorize types of clothing and accessories and as Joey grew into bigger sizes, we didn’t take the time to take everything out and organize all of her newer clothes and accessories so everything started to slowly pile up. It was driving me absolutely nuts but to even think about tackling this by myself wanted me to pull my hair out!

Casey’s closet wasn’t any better. It started out as an overflow room but then it slowly started becoming just one giant pile of a mess!

These closets were giving me such bad anxiety when I walked into the room. I had spent so many hours attempting to organize these myself but I just couldn’t make the kind of progress I wanted to on them. I knew if I was going to get these closets organized before Casey arrived I needed help from The Container Store and Life In Jeneral!

Jen’s team was so helpful on this project! We first started out with a quick consultation. Kamille from her team came over the week before to assess the damage and put together a game plan for us. From there I was able to just sit back and relax for the most part!

Day 1:

Jen’s team showed up bright and early!  They immediately got to work on the closets.  First they took everything out of the closets and started sorting.  I honestly didn’t realize we had crammed so much stuff in there until it had taken over my living room. The team laid out everything for me to point out what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to donate.We ended up donating about 60 percent of what we had in the closets. It felt SO good to see everything go!

At the end of day 1 Jen’s team was able to assess exactly what products we needed from The Container Store.  We were able to sit down and order everything online for store pickup! My favorite products from The Container Store are these expandable drawer dividers and hangers.

I didn’t realize how helpful labeling everything was! These bin clip labels came in so handy.

Life In Jeneral also organized my closet a short while back and we had stored Joey’s old clothing in these weather-tight containers from The Container Store. I was able to pull them out again and start adding them to Casey’s room. It was so emotional for me to see tiny Joey clothes again!

Day 2:

This was the exciting day for me!  Jen’s team got busy file folding, putting drawer dividers from The Container Store in all of the drawers, hanging clothes and so much more!  I may have even learned how to fold a fitted sheet!

By the end of day 2, I was ready to show Joey the big reveal!  She was so excited to see her closet.  I was even a little surprised when she pulled out some of her toys and put it back where they were supposed to go.  This was a major mom win for me!

Here’s a closer look at what Joey’s space looks like now!

So happy!

Casey’s room turned out amazing as well!

How amazing do these closets and dressers look??

If you’ve been thinking about organizing that closet you refuse to open or your kitchen cabinet or your child’s room don’t wait.  My only regret is not doing this sooner.  The systems we have in place thanks to The Container Store and Life In Jeneral are systems we will be able to use for many years to come!





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