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10 February 2017 / 12 Comments

THREE. Parenthood the TV series.
 I marathoned this TV series while I was pregnant with Joey last year and this week Allen told me that he wanted to start watching it too…which means, we’re watching it together again! I absolutely LOVE this show. It’s been really great watching it again being a parent now. Allen and I are really getting a kick out of some of the parenting drama that’s been happening in the show so far. The show does such a good job at showing parenting for what it really is and also inspires me to be a sensitive understanding mother and supportive friend to OTHER parents. I highly recommend watching this show!

TWO. Love what this company is doing! Click HERE to read more.

I came across this article and it is so worth sharing! Qmarkets, a global software company, spend a significant budget on thanking their contacts every holiday season. This year, they decided to use that budget to partner with a charity called Renewable World to provide renewable energy to the people of Lake Victoria, Kenya. This story was a simple reminder to me that giving, in any form, makes a big difference!

ONE. This video:

12 responses to “Three.Two.One.”

  1. Stella says:

    Just finish watching this series too! Love it! I’ve learn a lot how to communicate with our children and stuff. Even though my baby still 9 months old 😆

  2. Jill says:

    That video 😍😢😍😢

  3. Tara Westfall says:

    Ok I’m sobbing at work now after watching 3.

  4. Cecilia says:

    I recently discovered your page on IG and I’m hooked! I love how you dote on your adorable daughter but can see that you also want to instil structure and discipline with how you are with her everyday. I’m a mother of 3 girls — they’re all grown – 19, 13 & 10. Your IG posts and stories bring me back to the time I was taking care of our girls. I salute hands-on moms like you as I’ve experienced similar challenges and joys in raising kids without any help. Keep on sharing and inspiring mothers all over the world! You are a blessing!

  5. Tin says:

    The video. Agghhh. Made me cry and cry cry cry.

  6. Lori says:

    I can’t stop crying.. I’m not even a mom..just a daughter who feels really grateful to my mom😭

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