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Hospital Bag

6 February 2017 / 2 Comments

I thought I’d write a blog post about what I brought in my hospital bag when I was delivering Joey in hopes that it will give some of you expectant mothers a reference on what was very useful at least for me. There are many things your hospital can give you, so you don’t have to pack too much. My hospital gave me everything I needed including diapers, wipes, bed liners, witch hazel pads, and ice packs but here’s a list of things that I brought and was definitely useful.

*A few of these images are not the exact items I brought to the hospital*

– Swaddle Blankets/Miracle Blanket:
I found our hospital blankets to be a little rough on the skin so it was helpful to have our own soft muslin swaddles
Newborn outfit:
For Joey, she came home in a beanie (by Krochet Kids), baby gloves, socks, a long-sleeved onesie and long bottoms.
– More onesies:
I brought a couple more onesies to have as a backup just in case of accidents
– A robe:
I wore this robe the entire time I was in the hospital.
Room slippers and shower slippers (if you’re planning on taking a shower at the hospital): Getting in and out of bed was so much easier having slippers. Bring something that you’re willing to throw out after you leave the hospital.
– Comfortable pajama type pants:
Comfort is key!
– Nursing top and bra:
Whoever invented these, I THANK YOU.
– Phone charger WITH A LONG CORD.
The long cord really helped as the power outlets were so far from the bed.
– Toiletries!
– Nipple balm
– “Adult diapers:”
Don’t laugh but these were awesome. It was so much easier using these rather than changing out pads frequently.

These were the items that helped me survive my stay at the hospital. I hope this list helps as you prepare for the most life-changing moment of your life!

2 responses to “Hospital Bag”

  1. Joy says:

    This helps a lot! I’m going to put my hospital bag together soon! Thanks Laura 🙂

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