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1 November 2016 / 1 Comment

I can’t believe Halloween is already over! But I guess it doesn’t mean the end of costumes for Joey haha. At least not yet. It was so fun dressing her up as Nacho Libre this year, thanks to one of our fans @littlenuggetrepublic who contacted me a while back and offered to make Joey a costume! Becci is seriously so talented. Please go check her out!

Treat or Treating was so fun. We started pretty early because Joey’s bedtime is around 7:30. We managed to get a handful of candy before we called it a night. Joey was clearly not understanding what was going on but it was fun using her to score free candy. I mean, that’s the point right parents?? Here’s some highlights of our little trick-or-treating trip with our friend Sunny and her adorable daughter Emma (dressed as a kangaroo with a joey!).

One response to “Trick-or-Treat!”

  1. sangeeta aingh says:

    Aww!! So cute Joey

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